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Teenage Boss

What happens when a teenager takes responsibility for the family’s finances for a month?

A typical Australian teenager spends close to $400 on themselves every month. Teenagers are super-consumers and in many Australian families, money issues are often at the root of family conflicts. Frequently, parents feel that their teenager’s spending habits are excessive, while the teen feels they need more money for life’s necessities! But who wins the financial battle?  Should the parents give in and pay up or should they set limits and encourage accountability? Would you dare to let your teenager take over the family finances?

In Teenage Boss, we do. Under the guidance of star mathematics teacher and numbers guru Eddie Woo, we let the teenager assume responsibility for the whole family budget for an entire month. The ultimate goal is to teach the teenager (and the family) how to spend the money in a sensible and balanced way. Under Eddie’s mentorship, we’ll follow the teenagers journey through the ups and downs, fun and fear of the real world financial challenges their parents have to face every day.


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