It’s the show that ignited Australia’s love of observational documentaries. For seventeen years, it gave viewers around the country an access-all-areas pass to the inner workings of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney – or “RPA” – as it affectionately became known.

It made household names of the patients who so bravely and generously shared their stories – as well as the talented surgeons and physicians who not only put broken bodies back together but in many cases broke the news to these patients that their prognosis was not good. Those real-life moments were captured in all their unfiltered emotional rawness. And now it’s back.

Embracing the vast changes in medicine in the last decade, the new RPA features advancements and new technologies: from lifesaving, minimally- invasive brain, heart, and robotic surgery, to the 24/7 state-wide Clot Retrieval Procedure for stroke sufferers, along with all the immediacy of the Emergency Department.

RPA staff proudly claim, “we’re the only hospital in Australia that does a bit of everything”. Now they are doing even more.