Croc Catchers

On the brink of extinction as recently as the 1970s, Australia’s “Salties” have bounced back thanks to conservation measures. Now, with over 100,000 of them in Northern Territory alone, managing their numbers is the responsibility of the five fearless members of the specialist Crocodile Management Unit. The 10-part observational documentary series The Croc Catchers, made for the National Geographic Channel, follows this team during their busiest time of the year. Tommy Nichols, who leads the group, is missing two fingers on his left hand. One of many croc-catching battle scars, they serve as a reminder that there are two things you need to catch a crocodile: speed and guts. Of course, duct tape, rope and a sturdy boat help too. With saltwater crocodiles now outnumbering the Northern Territory’s human inhabitants, these specialists risk life and limb to protect and control the vital yet violent reptile population.

National Geographic